Permeation, Migration and Sensor Technology


  • Food contact materials such as Food Packaging protect the contents. They contain information, both for the consumer and the entire supply chain down to the retail business.
  • Many foods cannot be stored and thus marketed without suitable packaging.
  • Consumers first see the packaging on the supermarket shelf.
  • The incentive to buy the product increases with packaging quality.
  • Packaging materials include plastic, cardboard/ paper/ carton, aluminium, tin plate, glass and composite film.

For packing materials to conform with food laws, it is logical for materials and articles to be manufactured in such a way that, under normal or foreseeable conditions of use, they only transfer their material constituents to food in quantities which could not endanger human health and that do not cause any discernible odour or bad taste.


  • The transport of a substance through personal protective equipment (PPE) to human skin (permeation) should be prevented by wearing a PPE.
  • The maximum time for wearing the equipment depends to a large extent on the resistance of the personal protective equipment (PPE) to the respective pollutant and the type of activity performed.
  • As such, chemical safety gloves and clothing must exhibit a minimum resistance to invisible penetration (permeation) of chemicals for a period of time based on use in practice.
  • This resistance is simulated experimentally according to the test methods of norms EN 16523-1:2015-04 and EN 16523-1:2015-04 (previously DIN EN 374-3) through determination of breakthrough times.
  • The wide variety of chemical substances encountered, the prescribed recommendations for a PPE material in a chemical safety data sheet and minor changes in the PPE material composition during its manufacture require that numerous permeation tests be carried out.

LABC-Labortechnik develops permeation workstations for standardised measurements.

Sensor Technology

Sensor investigation of food contact materials for organoleptic, relevant migrants using a Siegwerk (Sieg-Mi-Flex) combination migration cell systemconsisting of:

  • Stainless steel fixing plate set and glass centre ring with water as a food simulant at 130C.

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