We invite you to visit our booth at the analytica in Munich. You will find us in hall A2 booth 238.

This year we present our updated catalog. In it are some extensions and innovations such as the PVDA Sieg-Mi-Flex Migration Cell. Other products for the migration testing analogous to DIN EN1186 we will gladly present them to you personally. Our Permobil for mobile permeation measurements according to DIN EN 16523-1 will also be exhibited on site.

Another highlight at the Analytica 2018 is our new sample preparation method:
The Dispersive Liquid Liquid Microextraction (DLLME) with the bilimex® assortment. In this case, the desired analyte is extracted from aqueous solutions with a small amount of organic solvent and concentrated at the same time. You will find further information at our booth.

Here you will find the current catalog on the topic: Permeation, Migration and Sensor Technology

Brochure on DLLME bilimex

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